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     Bent Axles Street Rods Inc.

              Since 1980




    A California Nonprofit Corp.

President- Ann McKindley

Vice President- Sandy LaPolla 

Secretary- John Mitchell

Treasurer- Vicki Mitchell

Sunshine- Pat Culwell 


Current members cars

      Enjoy our annual artwork album below by clicking on photo to view all individually, or hover over far right photo and album will slide

Bent Axles Street Rods was organized in 1980.  We currently have 140 members. Our cars are pre 1973 modified American-made vehicles.  Every year all of our members put on a 3 day car show the third weekend in July in Old Orcutt Ca. We have around 200 cars besides our own.



 We enjoy car shows, cruising, hanging out with other car people, and helping out our community and charities.  Everything we do will involve a meal or two, sometimes we are more like an eating club with a car disorder! We don't mind, just one of the perks! Whatever we do, we have a great time!

                 THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS:

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